Refugee Pledge Signatory Meeting


Join us for a meeting ahead of the 2nd Formal Preparatory Session for the Global Refugee Forum (GRF), for a discussion on pledge implementation, expanding signatories, and priorities for the GRF. The event will be in person at the IFRC offices for those based in Geneva, and online for those who are not in Geneva. A meeting agenda and supporting documents will be circulated shortly.


We are also happy to share that we developed a reporting rubric for Meaningful Refugee Participation Pledge.  You can complete the rubric online, here, or fill out the attached form.  If signatories are able to review and fill out this rubric before the meeting, that would be excellent (and many thanks to a few of you who have already done so). The GRN will compile signatory responses and submit them to UNHCR for official reporting. 


RSVP at your earliest convenience