Women, Gender, and Diversity Working Group Chair, Apajok Biar

Apojak has worked hard over the last few years to advocate for the solutions that will better the lives of refugees. She has experience with South Sudan Voices of Salvation, and as the co-founder and chair enhanced her abilities to motivate and lead a team that is diverse in age and gender and is spread out geographically. Apajok has co-founded two organisations, most recently Angaac Women Association Australia. This experience has further developed her skills and ability in vision-setting and strategic planning.

Apajok’s international advocacy experience includes being a part of the Gender Audit to UNHCR since 2017. Moreover, she also took part in the Global Refugee Youth Consultations to UNHCR with MYAN Australia. She was the Asia regional focal point for the United Nations major Group for Children and Youth. Further, Apajok had the opportunity to moderate and speak on multiple high level discussions with different United Nations agencies and different heads of states. In her professional capacity as a research consultant, Apajok had the pleasure of organising and facilitating meetings and consultations online with amazing young refugees around the world.

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