For the most comprehensive collection of resources on statelessness, please see RefWorld on Statelessness. There you will find an extensive collection of regularly updated legal, policy, and operational materials.

Please see below for the most relevant links about statelessness in the Asia Pacific region:

Useful Websites

Forced Migration Current Awareness, this statelessness web research guide provides great background information, training resources, and articles for further reading.

Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion (you can subscribe to a monthly bulletin as well)

UNHCR Webpage on Statelessness

Blog for Statelessness Program in Tilburg University

Open Society Foundations: Project Statelessness

European Network on Statelessness

Emerging Scholars and Practitioners on Migration Issues


UNHCR, Global Action Plan to End Statelessness, 2014-2024

This action plan establishes a framework of ten actions to resolve existing situations of statelessness, prevent new cases from emerging, and better identify and protect stateless populations.

UNHCR, Regional Expert Roundtable on Good Practices for the Identification, Prevention and Reduction of Statelessness and the Protection of Stateless Persons in South East Asia (March 2011)

A description of how the laws, policies and practices have helped to address statelessness and highlights some of the key lessons learned. It also discusses some remaining challenges that the region’s stakeholders face as they seek to fully address problems of statelessness in the future.

Equal Rights Trust, Unraveling Anomaly: Detention, Discrimination and the Protection Needs of Stateless Person (July 2010) 

This report provides with an overview of the international statelessness regime and the rights and types of statelessness, with case studies focusing on the detention of the Rohingya in Bangladesh, Malaysia and Thailand.

Refugee Studies Centre, Statelessness, Protection and Equality (2009)

This briefing paper overviews definitions and sources of statelessness and international and regional human rights instruments related to the issue. It provides a comprehensive overview of advocacy by western NGOs and grassroots campaigns by local NGOs.