Immigration Detention

Useful Resources

For the most comprehensive collection of detention resources, please see RefWorld on Detention. There you will find an extensive collection of regularly updated legal, policy, and operational materials.

See below for the most relevant links about immigration detention in the Asia Pacific region:


International Detention Coalition, There Are Alternatives: A handbook for preventing unnecessary immigration detention (2011)

There are Alternatives: an NGO advocacy guide, a supplemental good practices guide for NGOs, as they advocate against unnecessary immigrant detention, published by the Immigration detention coalition.

Australian Human Rights Commission Standards for immigration detention, sets benchmarks for the humane treatment of people held in detention.

UNHCR Beyond Detention 2014-2019 Report: a global strategy to support governments to end the detention of asylum seekers and refugees. See Options Paper 1, which focuses on ending the detention of children, and Options Paper 2, which focuses on ensuring alternatives to detention are available in law and implemented in practice.

UNHCR Supplementary Appeal: Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea Initiative Jun-Dec 2015, this report outlines the immediate resources needed to handle the crisis, while recommending steps for long-term solutions.


International Detention Coalition’s Asia Pacific Database, a list of publications and reports most relevant to the Asia Pacific region.

Detention Monitoring Database, hosted by the Association for the Prevention of Torture, contains detention monitoring tools and guides, as well as research publications

Useful Websites

End Immigration Detention of Children campaign website

International Detention Coalition