Thailand: Warnings of a Second Wave of COVID-19 Resulting from Migrant Living Conditions

Health experts have warned Thailand is vulnerable to a second wave of COVID-19 due to the neglect of their large migrant labor sector. These fears follow after Singapore’s second wave of cases. initially being praised for their Covid-19 response and keeping cases low, however they now a total of 34,800 confirmed cases due to the lack of prevention in their migrant labor dormitories.

In Thailand, migrants are continuing to live in cramped conditions without sanitation and still have poor access to medical care. Head of migrant charity Metta Johnny Addhikari stated that “90% of all Myanmar migrants have lost their jobs, leaving over 75000 people stranded in Thailand since the borders were closed without any income. Many are desperate for food and shelter.” Three Thailand-Myanmar border checkpoints have been partially reopened since 19th May to permit migrants to get back home, but only 50,000 have been accepted for repatriation so far at the Mae Sot immigration checkpoint due to Myanmar’s lack of quarantine facilities for returnees.


The Diplomat

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