Southeast Asia Working Group Chair, Julio Achmadi

Julio is a human rights defender based in Indonesia. For the past six years, he has been advocating for a stronger protection of refugee rights in his home country of Indonesia. As a non-signatory country of the 1951 Refugee Convention and the 1967 Protocol, he has had first-hand experience of working in a country where refugees and asylum seekers are under-prioritised. 

Julio is currently involved in SUAKA Indonesia (Indonesian Civil Society Organization For Refugee Rights Protection), an organisation that works with refugee communities, civil society actors, international organisations, and the government to strengthen the protection of refugees’ rights in Indonesia and beyond. Their work has earned the trust of refugee communities and various stakeholders in refugee issues, and has enabled SUAKA to be a pioneer of refugee rights advocacy in Indonesia: in 2016, SUAKA succeeded in urging the government to enact the first Indonesian regulation to legally recognise refugees.

In SUAKA, Julio is entrusted with the role of Coordinator of the Legal Empowerment Division. This role allows him to utilise his legal background to empower the refugee community in regards to their understanding of their rights and legal system in Indonesia. He firmly believes that community empowerment is an imperative foundation of broader political participation of refugees in advocating for their own rights.  Apart from SUAKA, Julio is currently managing a programme to strengthen the protection of Indonesian human rights defenders in Kemitraan bagi Pembaruan Tata Pemerintahan (The Partnership for Governance Reform) and an initiative that promotes social change through English skills and critical thinking capacity building for Indonesian defenders in

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