Rohingya Working Group Deputy Chair, Chris Lewa

Chris Lewa is the founder and Director of the Arakan Project (AP). For the past 20 years, AP and its field team of Rohingya researchers have engaged in documentation and advocacy on the Rohingya’s human rights in Myanmar and on refugee protection in Bangladesh, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, and Thailand. They have also consulted for UNHCR, Amnesty International, and others, and their expertise has been recognised internationally.

AP is a founding member of APRRN and has actively participated in APRRN activities since its creation.  Chris served as Deputy Chair of the Statelessness WG from 2012 to 2016, then, as Chair, helped establish the Statelessness Network in the Asia-Pacific (SNAP). Following the 2017 Rohingya refugee crisis, the APRRN Steering Committee appointed Lilianne Fan and Chris to lead a Rohingya Task Force, and later an interim RWG.

As Deputy Chair of this interim RWG, she worked very closely with Lilianne, the Chair of RWG, and a core group of members, in particular their legal expert, Brian Barbour, and their focal point, Yuvraj, at the APRRN Secretariat.

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