Regional Protection Working Group Deputy Chair, Omar Alkhammash

Omar Al-Khammash is the Deputy Director of the Geutanyoe Foundation, a regional humanitarian organisation based in Malaysia and Aceh. He is also the Co-founder of the Refugee Coalition of Malaysia, which includes 14 different refugee communities for the purpose of joint refugee-led advocacy on refugee rights to Malaysian policy makers. Omar also serves as Deputy Head of Secretariat of the All-Party Parliamentary Group Malaysia on Refugee Policy, and Secretariat of the Malaysian Advisory Group on Myanmar.

Born in Syria and having witnessed more than four years of war, Omar has been involved in advocating for refugee rights in Malaysia for more than four years, including on documentation, access to accredited education, access to affordable healthcare, and work rights. He has helped to coordinate and monitor Geutanyoe’s award-winning homeschooling programme for Rohingya and Afghan refugee women.

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