Regional Protection Working Group Chair, David Keegan

David is the founder and CEO of HOST International, an organisation seeking to find innovative and community-based solutions to refugee protection throughout the Asia Pacific. Prior to this, David was an executive leader in the Australian resettlement services and represented his organisation in various international forums. David has been an active participant in APRRN since 2013 and during this time has been a key contributor to the work of the RPWG. He is currently a member of the United Nations Network on Migration ATD working group and has been engaging in the GCR and GCM regional review processes.

David has also been the chair of several boards and working groups and enjoys bringing people together around a common cause and applying strategic thinking to complex issues. HOST International is operational in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, delivering services to support individual wellbeing, community protection, inclusion, and structural advocacy. Through this work, David has developed his understanding of the needs of refugees in different contexts and an ability to relate these to international mechanisms in practical and realistic ways.

David envisions an RPWG that will continue to assist APRRN members to be informed about international and regional advocacy processes whilst also supporting members to respond in innovative ways to emerging opportunities.

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