Refugees are running away from danger, they are knocking at your doors. Before you give any excuse of why you can’t open the door, why you can’t save their life and why you will leave them at the mercy of the danger they are running away from. Just let me remind you this:

  • The Philippines is a mother of ten children living in a two bedroom flat with all her children however she still opens her doors to refugees.
  • The Philippines is a poor mother of ten children who does not have enough to feed her own family yet she shares what little she has with refugees.
  • The Philippines is an old woman with two breasts who can barely produce milk and yet she is breastfeeding thousands and thousands of orphans around the world.
  • The Philippines is this old woman with fragile bones however she finds the strength to stands up and defends refugees.

Now tell me why can’t you welcome refugees knocking at your doors?

Unlike the Philippines, the only reason some countries can’t open doors to refugees is that: ‘’ they do not have a soul’’. The soul is the only difference between countries that open doors to refugees like the Philippines and countries that deport, torture, jail and kill refugees like Great Britain, Australia, France, USA. The former has a soul while the latter do not.

If Africa is the mother of humanity because she is the oldest civilization and it is the place where human beings originated; the Philippines is the mother of humanity because of her kindness, because of her soul.

This also raises the question of development and under development. What is development? And by which standard a country is developed or under developed?

Can Australia, Great Britain, France, USA, still be called developed countries while they deport, jail, torture and kill refugees? If yes, what we mean by development is purely and simply economic, it is just numbers.

Can the USA still be called a developed country while it kills millions of people across the world with Islamic terrorism and while it daily massacres its black population? If yes, what we call development is purely and simply nuclear, atomic, energetic and power.

Can we still call the Philippines an under developed or a developing country while the Philippines open its doors to refugees and protect them? If yes, what we call under development is just the development of morality, humanity and spirituality.

Therefore development is very complex and each time we mention the word development we should specify what kind of development we are talking about: economic, material, nuclear, moral, spiritual, human and so on….
The Philippines is evidence that, there is no demographic, economic, and social reason why a country can’t open its doors to refugees. The Philippines challenges and nullifies all reasons and excuses for not saving the life of people in danger.

The Philippines is the 12th most populated country in the world with more than one hundred and twenty millions inhabitants with an area of 298,192 km2 and a density of 343 per km2.. Therefore, demographically it is almost impossible for the Philippines to host refugees. However, the Philippines overcame the demographic challenge by welcoming thousands of refugees on her soil.

Unlike the Philippines, Australia is a vast under populated and almost uninhabited country. The population of Australia is 24 million for an area of 7. 692.000 Km2 with a density of 3,1 Km2 . So clearly speaking, Australia is an empty continent that refuses to welcome refugees, jails and deports those who are already inside the country regardless of the United Nations 1951 Convention Relating to Status of Refugees signed and ratified by the Australian government.

According to the survey of the Social Weather Stations, 91 millions of Filipinos or 21 per cent of the population remain unemployed. This clearly shows that the Philippines are not well enough to welcome refugees because for their integration, refugees will have to find jobs in a country where there are no jobs. However, despite the unemployment challenge, the Filipino government welcomes asylum seekers and issues them a work permit which gives them the right to compete against Filipinos for what few jobs are available in the country. It is just like a poor mother of ten children who does not have enough to feed her own children however she is sharing the little she has with refugees. This challenges human logic and goes beyond ordinary human capacity.

Contrary to the Philippines that has 21 per cent of its population unemployed. The United Kingdom has just 4 per cent of its population unemployed. And yet asylum seekers are destitute in the UK and have no right to employment. Moreover the UK government blames its unemployment on migrants. Consequently refugees are deported, tortured and killed. To know more about the life of asylum seekers in the UK, I invite you to read one of my books titled: ‘’ The Pride of an African Migrant: In Remembrance of Jimmy Mubenga’’.

On the 14th of August 2016, I arrived at Manila International airport where I sought asylum. Contrary to what happens in Australia or in the UK, I was kindly received by the Filipinos immigration officers. They read me my rights as an asylum seeker. In the UK or in Australia if they don’t return you, they send you to detention centres instead of reading you your right.

The next day I was taken to the department of Justice in Manila where I had an interview with an attorney and I was issued a certificate of asylum and protection from the Philippines’ government and I was free to go. Unlike the UK where if an asylum seeker is not in a detention centre, they have to report weekly at the immigration centre. Indeed we judge a nation by the way it treats its refugees. You do understand now, why the Philippines is a democracy.

Walking through the streets of Manila, I saw an overpopulated society, and I also saw the challenges and difficulties that Filipinos have to go through every day. Beyond these challenges, the Philippines’ government abides by the UN 1951 Convention and its 1967 Protocol. They welcomed me; they just added another problem on top of their existing problems.

The Philippines government teaches a lesson on humanity: No one is too poor to give and there is no excuse and reason why human life cannot be saved. The Philippines is an example that invalidates excuses and reasons for countries to deport, torture, jail or kill refugees. The sad reality is that, if our world is full of refugees, it is mainly because of the imperialist external policies of countries like UK, France, USA that manufacture civil wars, Islamic terrorist organization, invade other countries, install dictatorship but are not willing to welcome refugees and leave countries like the Philippines to clean up their mess.



Candide Massocki is a Cameroonian social activist exiled in the Philippines. Author of 8 books and a freelance journalist. He is the founder of the ANTI TERRORISM PRESS that can be followed online at:

Regarding asylum seekers and refugees in the United Kingdom, Candide Massocki wrote a book titled: ‘’ The Pride of An African Migrant: In Remembrance of Jimmy Mubenga’’.

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