Legal Aid and Advocacy

APRRNā€™s Legal Aid and Advocacy Working Group (LAAWG) is a platform whereby members can share, collaborate and advance their national and regional advocacy projects and perspectives.

Legal aid and advocacy for refugee rights requires careful consideration and understanding of the complexities for effective advocacy, as well as an understanding of positive practices. APRRNs LAAWG aims to effectively support and facilitate this process across the Asia-Pacific region.

The LAAWG has outlined a plan of action that contains their key objectives. The three main areas addressed within this action plan are capacity strengthening, resource and information sharing, and advocacy. Furthermore as part of this action plan, LAAWG is continuing to explore, identify, and develop channels for legal aid and refugee advocacy through further collaboration, increased information sharing, research, greater community engagement, and networking of refugee protection practitioners.

Key activities include:


  • Increasing engagement in and better understanding of countries in a transition context (such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand)
  • Influencing rights-based development and robust and durableĀ implementation of domestic legislation on protection (Taiwan).
  • Engaging with RSD processes, particularly for countries in transition from UNHCR to state-managed RSD.

Capacity strengthening:

  • Strengthening the capacity of lawyers and NGOs in refugee protection through short courses in Southeast and South Asia.
  • Strengthening the capacity of lawyers in effectively using strategic litigation in identified locations.

Resource sharing and outreach:

  • Ensuring efficient and timely sharing of information amongst members and across working groups.
  • Engaging Academia and other stakeholder on improvement in laws, policies, and reducing gap between national and international laws.
  • Encouraging networking among refugee protection practitioners.

Chair: Lynette Nam (Justice Centre Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Deputy Chair: Jirim Kim (GongGam Human Rights Law Foundation, South Korea)