South Asia

The South Asia Working Group covers the following countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Nepal, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Key working group activities are outlined in the South Asia Working Group Action Plan and include:

Joint Advocacy:

  • Influence policy makers in APRRN’s South Asia member countries through regional processes i.e. SAARC and PSAARC
  • Influence policy makers at the international level for relevant APRRN South Asia member countries in issues such as POR cards (Pakistan) and durable solutions for returnees in Sri Lanka.
  • Strengthen the capacity of lawyers in effectively using strategic litigation

Capacity strengthening:

  • Providing training in psychosocial first aid to increase the resiliency and understanding of refugees & refugee practitioners.
  • Create a new generation of refugee rights activists and practitioners in the South Asia region.

Resource sharing and outreach:

  • Connect APRRN members and non-members to the Post Deportation Monitoring Network.

Working Group Chairs:

Chair: Hamsa Vijayaraghavan (The Ara Trust, India)

Deputy Chair: Dr. Wais Aria (Tabish Organisation, Afghanistan)