Myanmar: 23 COVID-19 Cases in Migrants Deported from Thailand

Myanmar has reported 23 cases of COVID-19, the most officially reported in a single day in the country, amongst a group of migrants held in quarantine after being deported from Thailand.

The 23 migrants had been detained in Thailand’s detention centre close to the Malaysia border due to visa violations, before being deported on the 8 June. Some had also been previously detained in Malaysia. Many are believed to be Rohingya refugees.

Spokesman for the Thai government COVID-19 Administration Centre, Taweesin Wisanuyothin claimed that the public health ministry had carried out random tests on more than 500,000 people including migrant workers but did not find any infections. They have reported no local transmission of COVID-19 for almost a month, only having imported cases.

Myanmar have now recorded 286 cases of the virus and six deaths. Most restrictions on movement have been lifted by Myanmar have recently extended the ban on international flights until the end of June.

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