Legal Aid and Advocacy Working Group Deputy Chair, Jirim Kim

Jirim is a full-time public interest attorney at law. She has been working at GongGam Human Rights Law Foundation since 2017. She works primarily for refugees, stateless people, migrants, and LGBTIQ people in South Korea.

As a member of Korean Refugee Network and Rainbow Refugee Network, Jirim is participating vigorously in improving refugees’ status in Korea by representing them in the Court and doing various comparative law research. Before joining GongGam, she volunteered in Nancen Refugee Center in South Korea as a legal translator/interpreter.

Jirim has been focusing on implementing the United Nations conventions to the country. She has operated as an NGO secretariat for the 3rd Universal Periodic Review of Republic of Korea (2017), 5-7th review of Committee Against Torture (2017), and 17-19th review of Committee for Elimination of Racial Discrimination (2018). On these occasions, she focused on the rights of refugees residing in Korea.

Recently, Jirim is focusing on raising awareness to the public and the human rights defenders about LGBTIQ refugees. She has been an active member of Rainbow Refugee Network since 2017 and has published an academic paper about ‘Understanding asylum seeking based on sexual orientation of gender identity’.

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