East Asia Working Group Deputy Chair, Satomi Hiyama

Satomi joined the Forum for Refugees Japan (FRJ), a national network among NGOs and agencies supporting refugees who fled to Japan, as a secretariat in 2014.  While promoting networking and sharing information among stakeholders, she has engaged in dialogues with the Japanese government and on national-level advocacy. Previously,  she also served as a secretariat of the Solidarity Network with Migrants Japan and Stateless Network.

 Since 2014, she has attended at APRRN’s biennial Asia Pacific Consultation on Refugee Rights (APCRR) and the EAWG consultations once, and engaged in a series of APRRN’s works including activities led by EAWG. Thanks to those opportunities, she has learned many dimensions of the refugee rights issue and role of civil society more broadly, and has built up a network regionally and sub-regionally. Moreover, facilitated many kinds of joint activities among stakeholders in Japan, sometimes in cooperation with APRRN and its members, and she has learned about the value of collaboration and coordination-based visioning, setting actions and its agenda and following through on tasks. She is more than happy to contribute to lead strategic actions as the EAWG Deputy Chair while also learning from other members’ experience and expertise.

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