East Asia Working Group Chair, Jeanie Kim

Jeanie Kim is currently working at Duroo – Association for Public Interest Law in the Republic of Korea. Duroo is a local non-profit organization with around 10 full-time public interest lawyers, established to advocate for human rights through litigation, research, and public service activities.

At Duroo, she has participated in research projects about rights of refugees, immigration detention, statelessness, and the status of migrant and refugee children in the Republic of Korea. She is also a member of Korea Refugee Rights Network and the Chair of the International Solidarity Committee of MINBYUN – Lawyers for a Democratic Society.

Since Jeanie started working in the Republic of Korea in 2011, she has participated in a range of advocacy activities, including regarding the enactment and amendment of the Refugee Act in the Republic of Korea. Based on her previous experiences, she was also involved in the South Korean NGO Coalition for Monitoring the Domestic Implementation of the CERD, as well as the Organizing Committee for East Asia regional consultation.

Recently, there have been movements made by the governments of East Asian countries, including Korea, towards the amendment of the current refugee-related laws and regulations for the worse. As each government has established similar frameworks to ‘filter’ ‘abusive’ or ‘fake’ refugees, it is crucial for the civil societies to exchange good practices and challenges to fight against discrimination against refugees in each country. With its history, member-organisations, mandates and activities, Jeanie believes that APRRN can take a key role in advocating for laws in East Asia that better guarantee the rights of refugees.

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