General Resources

A list of frequently updated websites providing COVID-19 related updates and resources.



  • ALNAP: COVID-19 Response Portal
    This portal contains COVID-19-relevant guidelines, tools, papers, webinars and lessons learnt from across and beyond the ALNAP membership (consisting of members such as WHO and UNICEF). The portal is updated regularly with information relevant to the planning, adaptation and delivery of humanitarian activities in response to COVID-19.
  • World Health Organisation (WHO): Covid-19
    Contains public advice, country and technical guidance, rolling updates, an FAQ, travel advice, situation reports, media resources, and more.




Immigration Detention

Legal Aid and Advocacy

  • Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law: Covid-19 Watch
    A hub of articles providing up-to-date expert commentary and analysis of COVID-19’s impact on refugees and other forced migrants.They address news articles from around the world, in turn promoting and advocating for the medical, economic and social support for refugees to protect them from the impacts of COVID-19.


Regional Protection