Biweekly Briefs: 1-15 September 2020

The following is a brief bringing you highlights of advocacy efforts by APRRN, partners, and what’s upcoming. We hope to provide you with regular updates on our network’s activities and developments in the landscapes of refugee protection in the Asia Pacific region. Should you like to contribute information, resources, or updates, kindly contact Michelle at

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Advocacy Updates




  • 7 September: 297 Rohingya refugees denied disembarkation and stranded at sea for 7 months landed in Aceh. Over 30 people died during the journey and three individuals died shortly upon arrival. APRRN member, Geutanyoe Foundation, assisted with the work on the ground and strongly advocates for regional action by governments to address the Rakhine crisis. 





Regional and Global


On the radar


Southeast Asia


  • UNHCR is launching the UNHCR NGO Innovation Award 2020 which celebrates efforts and achievements of UNHCR partners who developed innovative approaches for protection and delivery of services to refugees and other persons of concern to UNHCR. A prize of USD 15,000 will be granted to each winner. One representative of each winning RLO will be invited to attend a virtual or in person award ceremony held by UNHCR in December 2020. Nominations are accepted here. The deadline for submitting nominations is Friday, 25 September 2020 (23:59 CET)
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