Bangkok Refugee Youth Consultation Report

The ‘Bangkok Refugee Youth Consultation’

Final Report

The Bangkok Refugee Youth Consultation (BRYC), a three and a half day consultation with refugee and Thai youth, was held from the 13th-16th February 2016. Thirty-one youth participated in the consultation, which was facilitated by three refugee youth and two youth from local NGOs. The consultation encouraged youth participation, with the purpose of building their capacity, increasing their involvement and making their voices heard. The youth participated in team building activities and learned about refugee and Thai law and the basics of advocacy.

At the end of the consultation, the youth presented the solutions and recommendations to improve refugee rights and protections that they had been working on throughout the consultation. Over fifteen stakeholders from the Bangkok area attended, allowing youth to discuss their ideas and receive feedback from important decision makers. Many of the participants expressed the importance of getting Thai youth and refugee youth together more often, so that each group could share experiences and learn to work together to raise support for refugee rights in Bangkok.

The Bangkok Refugee Youth Consultation parallels the Global Refugee Youth Consultations being held around the world, each of which will feed into the recommendations presented at the UNHCR NGO Consultations (this year’s theme was youth) in Geneva in June 2016.

The Bangkok Refugee Youth Consultation Report, complete with youth recommendations, can be downloaded here: Bangkok Refugee Youth Consultation Final Report

Watch the “Hope, vision and ideas for the future” video from the Bangkok Refugee Youth Consultation video. A special thank you  to Chumaporn / Waaddao, TEA group ( and her video editing company, for creating this fantastic short film!

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