APRRN Deputy Chair, Sitarah Mohammadi

A former Hazara refugee from Afghanistan now based in Melbourne, Australia, Sitarah Mohammadi is a current student of Juris Doctor (JD) at Monash University Law School. She has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in International Relations and Human Rights, from Monash University and was one of two Australians awarded the 2019 Provost Scholar at the University of Oxford, where she did her post-graduate studies in International Relations, Human Rights and Politics, and completed her dissertation on Australia’s refugee policy. 

Sitarah has extensive experience in the space of refugee and human rights advocacy, both in Australia and internationally, having worked with high calibre experts on refugee issues, as well as having involvement with a number of important and prominent organisations, such as the Oxford Refugee Studies Centre and UN Refugee Agency. Sitarah is keen to dedicate considerable time and energy to her work with APRRN, to support APRRN members and the staff of the secretariat in their work and to amplify the voices of refugees, using the knowledge she has gained from her own lived experience and her study in international relations, human rights, and law.

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