APRRN Members

Based on the location and the focus of work, APRRN members select to participate in different Geographic and Thematic Working Groups. There are 4 geographical working groups, namely:

  • South Asia
  • South East Asia
  • East Asia
  • Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific

and 8 thematic working groups, namely:

  • Durable Solutions
  • Immigration Detention
  • Legal Aid and Advocacy
  • Refugee Leadership and Participation
  • Regional Protection
  • Rohingya
  • Women, Gender and Diversity
  • Youth

At APRRN’s biennial Asia Pacific Consultation on Refugee Rights (APCRR), members would decide on the formation and continuity of relevant Working Groups and elect the Chairs and Deputy Chairs who will serve a term of 2 years.

Members from each Working Group would then provide input into the action plans that would be executed in the duration of the term. The Chairs and Deputy Chairs would be working closely together with the Secretariat to coordinate the implementation of activities developed in the action plans.

For more details on how to become a member, please click here

APRRN Board of Directors and Steering Committee

Members of the Board

President: Arash Bordbar, Settlement Services International
Vice President: Ashok Gladston Xavier, Organisation for Eelam Refugees’ Rehabilitation
Board Member 3: Puttanee Kangkun, Fortify Rights
Board Member 4: Parinya Boonridrerthaikul, Coalition for Refugees and Stateless Persons
Board Member 5: Geraldine Doney, Forced Migration Research Network, University of New South Wales
Board Member 6: Carolina Gottardo, Jesuit Refugee Service
Board Member 7: Paul Powers, Refugee Council of Australia

APRRN Steering Committee

APRRN is governed by a Steering Committee, which operates on a voluntary basis. The Steering Committee is made up of elected individuals by APRRN members at the biennial Asia Pacific Consultation on Refugee Rights and they each serve a 2-year term. Steering Committee members are eligible for re-election for a maximum of two consecutive terms. An advisory group is also nominated to assist the Steering Committee and the network.

Steering Committee Members

APRRN Chair: Arash Bordbar (Settlement Services International, Australia)

APRRN Deputy Chair: Ashok Gladston Xavier (Organisation for Eelam Refugees’ Rehabilitation)

Geographic Working Group Representatives

South Asia

Chair: Imran Khan Laghari (Human Rights Alliance, Pakistan)

Southeast Asia

Chair: TBC

East Asia

Chair: Il Lee (Advocates for Public Interest Law, South Korea)

Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific

Chair: Paul Power (Refugee Council of Australia, Australia)

Thematic Working Group Representatives:

Durable Solutions

Chair: Gopal Krishna Siwakoti (INHURED International, Nepal)

Immigration Detention

Chair: Lars Stenger (Jesuit Refugee Service, Indonesia)

Legal Aid and Advocacy

Chair: Takgon Lee (Dongcheon Foundation, South Korea)

Refugee Leadership and Participation

Chair: Najeeba Wazefadost (Australia National Committee on Refugee Women, Australia)

Regional Protection

Chair: Tamara Domicelj (Act for Peace, Australia)


Chair: Lilianne Fan (Geutanyoe Foundation, Malaysia)

Women, Gender and Diversity

Chair: Carolina Gottardo (Jesuit Refugee Services, Australia)


Chair: Hayatullah Akbari (Geutanyoe Foundation)

Experts (Non-voting members)

These non-voting members are nominated by the Steering Committee in recognition of their services to the network, experience and expertise. More information will be provided soon.

Non Steering Committee Members

Deputy Chair South Asia: Dr. Wais Aria (Tabish Organisation, Afghanistan)

Deputy Chair Southeast Asia: TBC

Deputy Chair East Asia: TBC

Deputy Chair Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific: TBC

Deputy Chair Durable Solutions: John Roc (Refugee Council of Australia, Australia)

Deputy Chair Immigration Detention: Sahar Okhovat (Refugee Council of Australia, Australia)

Deputy Chair Legal Aid and Advocacy: Brian Gorlick (Refugee Law Initiative)

Deputy Chair Refugee Leadership and Participation:  Wahkushee (Karen Peace Support Network, Thai-Burma Border)

Deputy Chair Regional Protection:  Naiyana Thanawattho (Asylum Access, Thailand)

Deputy Chair Rohingya: Chris Lewa (The Arakan Project, Myanmar)

Deputy Chair Women, Gender and Diversity: TBC

Deputy Chair Youth:  TBC


Advisors are nominated by the Steering Committee and are available to support the network in various capacities. More information will be provided soon.

APRRN Secretariat

The network is coordinated through the Secretariat, which is based in Bangkok and led by the Secretary General. The team currently includes a Secretary General, a Programme Coordinator, Operations Coordinator, Programme Officer, Programme Associate, Finance Manager, and post-graduate interns. The main responsibilities of the Secretariat include:

  • Coordinating training activities, workshops, consultations and working group meetings
  • Supporting members on the ground by making their issues visible on a regional and international level
  • Monitoring and coordinating responses to refugee rights violations
  • Facilitating information sharing and internal/external communication channels between members
  • Consolidating evidence, research and analysis on pressing issues
  • Facilitating local, regional and international representation of members
  • Obtaining and managing APRRN funding
  • Managing the daily operations of the network

Current APRRN Secretariat staff includes:

Secretary General:
Lars Stenger (interim)

Operations Coordinator:
Patcharin Nawichai

Programme Coordinator:
Janeen Sawatzky

Fundraising and Development Manager:
Eliza Horton

Programme Officer
Daniel Davies

Programme Officer:
Rachel Tan

Programme Associate:
Michelle Soe Moe

Vulnerable Population Consultant:
Marie Martin

Rohingya Consultant:
Yuvraj Rathore

National Screening Mechanism Project Coordinator
Nuchnalin Leerasantana

Finance Manager:
Sunisa Jaiklaew